Childhood memories of DoorDarshan

Doordarshan is very close to ours heart. My childhood memories are connected with Doordarshan. Now our children are getting entertainment just clicking channels and staying 1 or 2 secs per channel. So many commercials and so many channels. Same Saas bahu serials, and again painted ladies without any talent or emotionless characters. We can even imagine a serial with the replaced actor as leading role. Can we imagine Ramayan without Arun Govil or Deepika. Mahabharat without Darasingh, Humlog without dadamuni and Buniyaad without Badki, chutki etc. Let us get back to late 80s and early 90s- the era of Doordarshan

The one and only daily entertainment dose of every Indian. Most of the serials were of 13 episodes and so people were associated with character for 2-3 months and it made more concentrated and sensible serials. Just like worth watching –
Ramayan and Mahabharat

How can we mention doordarshan without Ramayan and Mahabharat? Literally there was Curfew like situation on Sunday mornings when these two epics were telecasted. These serials made life of Arun Govil (Ram), Mukesh Khanna (Bhisma), Punit issar (duryodhan), Rupa Ganguli (Draupadi) , Dipilka(Sita) etc.. Though technically poor, these two serials created mass histeria for TV selling. People used to do pooja of TV before starting of these serials. Harish Bhimanis voice as main samay hoon made great impact in Mahabharat. I liked Dara singh as Hanuman very much. –

Malgudi Days-

Based on R K Narayans book, made by Shankar Naag , this serial is the best of all time serials I have ever seen. and the title theme taana na taana na na I can remember it today also with R K Laxmans sketches. –


based on Kiran Bedis life, Kavita chaudhary was lead actress and serial was quite popular. Story of a girls journey to become an IPS officer. –

Daane Anaar Ke one middle class family wins lottery and how behaviour of family and people related with them changes a nice story. I can recall only Neena gupta. Perhaps Gulzar wrote the title song kissa hai kahaani hai paheli hai

Mirza Ghalib-

Jab Gulzar, Jagjit singh and Naseeruddn shah saath me ho to poochna hi kya?. I was too immature to understand this serial. So not much memory associated with this serial. –
- Humlog, Buniyaad
- A very emotional serial. My grandma was fan of these serials. As humlog is true picture of Indian Middle class household and Buniyad is partition portrayal ,I still remember Dada Monis speech at the end of every episode. –

Dilip Dhawan, khopdi, and other popular actors born with this serial. Directed by Aziz mirza this serial was quite populat at that time. –


Ducktales, Telespin after Chanakya at 10:30 these two cartoons were telecasted. I can recall Uncle screwz only. - Junglebook -I can recall some characters Mowglee, Bagira, Sherkhan. Sherekhans voice was given by Nana Patekar and music was given by todays genius director Vishal Bhardwaj and lyrics was by Gulzaar saab. Remember that amar song jungle jungle baat chali hai pataa chala hai, chaddi pehen ke phool khila hai.. Akira Kurosawas name was also there in titles. Dont for what purpose. - Stoneboy- Master Ankur was as stone boy and was living on hills and a group of students goes for picnic and then bring stone boy with them –
-Sigma- a sci-fi serial based on space and space shuttles. - -
Vikram Vetaal
- again technically poor serial by Ramanad Sagar before Ramayan. But I liked lot as a child. Arun Govil played role of king Vikram - -
Talaash- This serial was based on the search of some person. Cant remember much. But main actor was Alok Naath and directed by great Hrishikesh Mukerjee. –

It makes my sunday mornings musical and countless Sunday mornings started with Rangoli. no song was repeated. –

Birbal of south India – played by Vijay Kashyap, had pure entertainment. –

Phir wohi talaash-
directed by Lekh tendon. I can recall only Madan Jain (one of the character in Ankush) and Nilima Azim (Shahid kapurs mother). The story was a small town boy comes to metro and falls in love with a rich and sophisticated girl. Virendra Saxena played father of Madan Jain. –

Muzrim Haajir-
Nutan was lead actress and Virendra singh and Navani parihaar was introduced in this serial. serial had Bengali background and I can remember goon goona, goon goona, goon goona re goon goona - Nupur- directed by Hema malini and lead actor was Sudesh Berry and had background of classical dance and music. –

Circus- when shahrukh khan was top star of TV he did this serial with Renuka Shahane. I think it was directed by Aziz Mirza. Also had lots of actors of Nukkad. - Chitrahaar- evey Wednesday and Friday at 80 clock with dinner. –

Karamchand- Pankaj kapoor as karamchand (with carrot) and Sushmita mukerjee as kitty. directed by Pankaj Parashur. –

Jugalbandhi- after the success of karamchand this serial was started. One of the detective was Radha Sheth and other male detective cant remember. –

Fauji- First serial of SRK which made him quite popular on TV.

It is information based programme. Renuka Sahane was introduced in surbhi. Sidhdharth Kak and Renuka both were host in this programme. Renukas hair cut and colgate smile were quite popular. This programme created question and answer contest first time on TV.

Guniram- story of a villager who comes to city and makes mistakes every day. Rakesh bedi played role of Guniram. –

Mr. Yogi- an NRI comes to India in search of his bride. His meeting with different girls with different backgrounds and then comedy emerges. Mohan Gokhle was Mr. Yogi and director was Ketan Mehta. I cant forget the last episode where ice-cream was throwing in the party. –

Mungerilal ke haseen sapne- talented Raghuvir Yaadav as Mungherilal used to see dreams of a person whichever attracts him. Perhaps director was Prakash Jha.
Kakkaji kaheen- Om puri was kakkaji. A comedy serial and kakkaji was used to laugh at the end of every sentence. –
Bharat ek khoj-based on Pt. Jawaharlal Nehrus book Discovery of India, directed by Shyam Benegal.]

Its nice to go back to the time of classics I must say as today television is full of all the nonsense saas bahu soaps.. courtsey Ekta Kapoor.

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