मेरी छत पर

मेरी छत पर

खुशियाँ लेकर आया यह करवाचौथ का चाँद,
जनम जनम के इस गठबंधन को बाँध।
तुम से ही मेरा है जीवन बंधा हुआ,
हर साँस को तुमने है संजोया हुआ।
अपने प्रेम की माला में सनम,
हमको है तुमने डुबोया हुआ।
यह चाँद हर साल छत पर आता रहे,
छलनी से आपना चेहरा दिखाता रहे।
धरती पर मेरी इन साँसों को ,
तुम्हारी खुशबु से महकाता रहे।


letters in the letter

Let us put letters in a letter

Alas! Writing letter is now a days dying mode of communication. E-mails or electronic letters have replaced this sweet mode of communication.
Letters are best way to express one's emotion on paper. It travels from one land to another. The smell of paper and envelope tell the travelling story.
The long wait for the replies from loved ones and hidden excitement for days n days.
Looking the Streets for the postman or checking post box at the gate thousand times.
Trying to write the story of months in just two or three papers , thinking through what you want to write, and structuring the information in a consumable format is the dying art.

An SMS and E-mail has converted this art into more professional and emotion less art. SMS and E-mail only conveys the information but not the fragrance and freshness of the sender. When you open INBOX of your E-mail , the mail of your dear one is sticking between so many other mails nd junk mails. It seems your loved one is lost in the huge sea of electronic data. It nevers feels personal when you check mail.

A letter beautifully enclosed in fragrant paper with so many designs when opened ,the sweet smile on the face reflects the status of heart.
When you write a letter, the ink from the pen flows on paper with designs you can make with each letter you put on. The effort to play with letters is more fun than pressing a key and selecting one font and one style.


Poor woman


Domestic voilence - A simple tag. This tag can easily be put on any victim's face. Oh ! She is the victim of domestic voilence. But to know the exact story and the sufferings behind this tag is really very hard. Women - educated or uneducated , one way or the other way is facing such thing in our society? This question is really very serious. Our intellectual people say in the meetings, public gathering and stages " Why she is not telling the story to the sensitive World?" " Why she is mum over the issue?" " There are so many laws to protect a women. So many helplines, so many NGO's etc etc".
But the same intellectual people and sensitive people say in their personal life after hearing XXX story of XXX woman " She must be of loose character. That is why her husband or in - laws are beating up? Oh ! She is working in the office, then definately she is coming late to her house etc etc".

Definately there are so many laws , so many help lines but are these laws really helpful? Making these laws is easy but the implementation is difficult. If any woman is suffering, the next doors people know everything but no body come forward. Parents never support their daughter as they feel ashamed of the society.

If one way or other, a case is registered, a woman is 1000 times mentally harrased by the so called protection agencies than she is being harrased by her in laws.

The alive victim of the domestic voilence is getting mental torture by both her in-laws and out-laws( follow up people after case registration).

In our society, a woman killed by her in-laws gets the immediate help and the culprits gets punishment . An alive woman waits for the action for years and years

Sleep , sleep sleep my little angel!
Your dream prince will come..
and take you to the Palace
with all your charming face,
Sleep , sleep sleep my little angel!

मीठे बोल

दो मीठे बोल किसी को बोलिए उसका खून बढ जाएगा आपका रक्तदान हो जायेगा