I know

Angel Graphic #15

I am powerless in your arms,
unable to think,
unable to move,
not wanting to breath
for fear that you will notice my presence
or suddenly become annoyed by it.

So I watch my footing carefully
when I step near you,
so as not to disturb you
and your quiet thoughts.

When I cry
I make sure I do it quietly,
so I won't wake you
from your well deserved sleep.

When I have a problem
I hold it in and listen,
because I know that you need
someone to listen to yours.

When you need me
I am always by your side,
to care for you
and dress your wounds.
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I have offered you all of me
and yet I sit idly by,

waiting for you to give something back,
to do anything that will show
that you love me in return.

Some say
the greatest pain in life is to be ignored.
Now I know
that the greatest pain in life
is to l

नई हवा

दिल ने फिर कहा चलो कुछ टहल कर आये,
मैंने कहा कि चलो कुछ नयी हवा को पाए।
चल तो दीये इस दिल के साथ हम,
पर कुछ दूर ही चले कि रुक गए हम।
यह कैसी नई हवा चली है?
हर तरफ खलबली है।
कोई कहता है मैं मराठी हूँ, कोई कहता मद्रासी,
कोई बंगाली है तो कोई दिल्लीवासी।
बच्चो को तो हम चाँद पर जाने को कहते है,
और खुद घर का दरवाज़ा नहीं लांगते हैं।

मीठे बोल

दो मीठे बोल किसी को बोलिए उसका खून बढ जाएगा आपका रक्तदान हो जायेगा