Dansal Baba Near Katra ( Vaishno Devi) J&K

I visited this place on 13-09-2009. This is very nice place and full of nature's gift. Human hands are still far from this site.

I remember RabinderNath Tagore Poems Human Aggression on Nature.
In poem, “I plucked you Flower” (The Gardener, Poem No. LVII), human aggression gets expressed through the plucking of a flower

I plucked your flower, O world!
I pressed it to my heart and the thorn pricked.
When the day waned and it darkened, I found that
the flower had faded, but the pain remained. (1-4)

Humans have the habit of destroying something to create something for them. They destroy a beautiful rock to create a sculpture of their liking. They cut a gorgeous tree to make a musical instrument for their use. Many trees are uprooted This is how human beings behave. This attitude is caused by their anthropocentric behaviour. It is totally unnecessary for humans to enter into the creating act. The modern inventions in gene technology will boomerang on them one day. Dollys of today will teach the humans a lesson later. If they do something in a biocentric way, then that will exist for ever. All anthropocentric attempts will end only in disaster. Tagore beautifully says, “Ah! it is not for you to open the bud into a blossom” . He repeats this line to give double emphasis. Humans should understand the roles assigned to them at a macrocosmic level. Any human aggression will end in a disaster for the whole biosphere.

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