As we know now a days sense and sensibilty exists nowhere. People are more aggressive, voilent and without feelings. But think if sense and sensibilty really exists then the world would be the best place to live. Our children thinks that Santa Claus would come and put their favourite gift by the bed side in the night. In the morning they actually get the same gift given by their parents secretly if they behave good.

What better way to instill the idea of generosity and selfless giving than by the example of a stranger from the distant North coming in the night and leaving gifts for children who have been good while asking for nothing of material value in return?

A child's imagination is a magical thing. It allows them to ride a unicorn,cling to a rainbow, dream incredible dreams, so why not Santa Claus

Imagination is the key to staying sane in this world. And a little creative fiction filled with positive messages for children is always a good thing. Let Santa live!

The myth provides just as much pleasure for the adults pretending to be Santa as it does for the children who still believe

The only idea behind this act is that we want our children to live in the world of Fairies because it teach goodness of human beings and sensibility.

The imaginary wolrd of Fantasy , Fairies and santa claus teaches children some moral values which becomes a foundation for becoming a good Man. Some ways to become sensible:-

1. Helping anybody in trouble.

2. Respecting others profession.

3. Do not hurt anybody mistakenly.

4 Never forget those who serve you.

5. Give respect to old people.

6. Never forget to give surprise gifts to your dear ones.

7. Always end or sum up any meeting in good note.

8. Try to understand the unspoken words of your dear ones.

9. Protect the sensitivity of any relation.

We are very voilent and aggressive. Let us now try to be sensible.

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