Valantine's Day
This Valentine day




Everybody has their own version. I do not say it is bad or Good. For me it is not only a day of Love but also to recap my relationship. As all days in the year are love days. But this day to be Extra Extra Lovey day. For me chocolate melts more in my mouth this day. The heart shaped balloon rises high in the sky, The heart shaped pizza drizzles with more cheese . The spirit is all romantic. I just kick away all the work worries this day and think only about my valentine ( My Husband).

Just writing few lines for my Valentine:-

Hold my hands and let us walk,
Whisper in my ears I wanna Talk.
Hold my hand as without you I cannot Stand,
I cannot finish my Journey in this land.

Hold my hand my Dear,
I wanna dance with no fear.
Hold my hand and don't go away,
As I wanna to keep you for another day.

Hold my hand my Dear Vani,
My lifes nectar is you my Honey.
So hold me close and kiss me slow,
I'll Love you forever,
Is all you need to know.

Yours Mona

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Anonymous said...

nice poem

मीठे बोल

दो मीठे बोल किसी को बोलिए उसका खून बढ जाएगा आपका रक्तदान हो जायेगा