Fight among the senses

All senses fight with one another,
Eye say I am great,
I show the world .
Ear say I am great,
I help to respond the world.
Tongue say I am great,
I help to taste the world.
Nose say I am great,
I help to smell the world.
Skin say I am great,
I help to feel the world.
They all go to brain.
To ask him who is great.
Brain is very clever.
He says few lines
Ear hear the good and eyes turn on.
Eye see the good and skin puts it on.
Skin feels the good and nose takes a long ride.
Nose smells the good and tongue opens wide.
Tongue taste the good and eyes blinks fast,
All forget the fight and return at last.
Five are the babies of Heart and Brain,
All feel the sorrow if any one is in pain.

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