Gnocchi with Butter and tomato and mint sauce

I tried this recipe as this was posted to me by my Italian friend and this turned out very good. All liked it very much. I am a big fan of Italian cuisines and try my hand on Italian recipes. I love pastas, salads,pickels and Italian cheeses. I love to drizzle parmesan on every recipe I make. I have read a lot about Gnocchi earlier. Bur I wanted to try the classic version first. I had a friend's recipe But I was looking for a a nice sauce.
One day I was logged on to My favourite site Nigella.com. I put the thread on the forum regarding Gnocchi. ya I got so many ideas and recipes. I know the basic Ingredients but When I was given the Butter and sage Idea, I almost tempted to try this.
I immediately went to the kitchen and first kneaded the dough with the plain flour and baked potatoes. Then I made my Gnocchi. After that a beautiful sauce with Butter, fresh mint leaves( as Sage was not available) and cherry tomatoes puree.
It turned out a real treat. Here is the result.
Now I am confident about home made pastas and Will try more by adding spinach or any other grain to this recipe.

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