Why we are in Hurry??

Why we are in hurry. We are really going too fast. We are finding all shortcuts in every task. We are starting our day by hurrying up taking a cup of tea and then taking toast in a car. Rushing up to the office and finding shortcuts in completing the jobs. Trying to make Boss happy and manipulating things . Back home late in the night and kissing our sleeping baby good night. Thats all.
Why so much hurry? We are going far far from reality. Far from human feelings. Its good to be fast but it is not good to live a materialistic life. It is like a complete corporate take over. We will be canned if we don't work fast and may loose job. We have greed in us.
We don't have time to have a look on blooming flower in our garden or even look at our blooming son/daughter achieving a fine masterpiece on wall. Is our Boss is taking all these moments from us?
We have earned so much luxurious life in past few years that it is giving more trouble. Cellphones are most important tools of hurriers. This proves that we cannot wait until we reach home or office. We need to be updated all the time. Call wait is another add on to this. We attend so much calls at the same time.. Hurry you know.
We have one hurry tool and so many hurry add ons on it...I think a country's president also takes extra time for his family.
The best way is to switch off the phone at home and forget the world.. Next day you will find it all at the same place where you left and you will find no change. You will only see some people in hurry..
Me too in hurry to wind up my post
So have a cup of relaxed tea and listen old number in Radio

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manu said...

I like it! You're right!!!!

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