Good mother

To have good sons or daughters in our society, we must have good mothers. A good mother doesnot mean only giving birth to a child and bringing him up so that he take care of his parents in thier old age. A good mother means inputting of good habits, good qualities and a good sense so that a child becomes a good human being and serves a society.

A good doctor always saves life of a person when he needs him in emergency.

A good soldier sacrifies his life for his country. A good leader always keeps his personal interest aside and fights for good cause in the society. A good businessman leads his counrty ahead in world economy. A good engineer always works in dedication and builts nation's infrastructure for comfort of others.

Why mother should be so good ? It is because a child responds to his mother right in her womb. Child listens and follows his mother in every aspect. It is then a prime resposibility of a mother to teach good leasons to her child. A responsible mother produces a responsible society. A good society is group of good families who serve at thier best in the society. Always produce good examples in the society rather than breaking rules, norms and humanity barriers in the society.

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