Chalte Firte

Chalte Firte


Plenty of woolen stuffs now loaded in all city outlets. People rush to the stores for shopping. I also went to one store for woollen shawl. I was looking the display. A very fat rich lady entered the store. She was trying to catch the eyes of all the people. Then asked one salesman to show ladies cardigan. The boy started displaying each n every item. After some time she shouted ," This is the time in which we enjoy wearing too many stuffs, but you people don't have the nice collection". She then asked the boy to show winter ladies dress. Again the same attitude. After taking too much of time and trying too many dresses, she again shouted ," I want the latest stuff. Oh! My sis is US is very lucky. She has an opportunity to wear new and fresh stuff".

At Last She selected one dress and exclaimed " This is what I want". She paid the price n went. I amazed when two salesmen laughed and murmured " She has chosen the defected piece for Rs 1500".

This was really funny. I also felt that some people in our country only do shopping for the sake of shopping. They want to show their friends that they are regular visitor to the best outlets in the city. They really don't need the stuff. If they really want to collect the latest stuff every season, I request them to please give one last season's stuff to those kids in slums who wear rags in winter.


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