Good bye 2009

Hey 2009 is just going and 2010 is landing in our lives within few hours. Iwant to thank all the people in my life whose concern have touched my life. As 12 months old is going after giving birth to new one. This is not only year but a bundle of moments we lived in. Living each day of month and each month of this year, I loved 2009. This year is also mixture of good and bad things. Just like a dish which has all tastes , Sweet, sour and salty.

We should thank God actually that he is granting another year in our favour and this day on 31 st December 2009, we are having celebrations and planning New year Eve dinner with the entire family.

Hoping 2010 be the best year for all . Full of health which will make wealth itself......

BYE BYE my dear 2009 . Now I will meet you in my memory lane soon.

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