Simple celebrations for 2010

New year is the time which is celebrated everywhere. You will see rocking environment all around. Markets, Malls , Media , newspapers and big hotels are full with New year celebrations spirit. This is the time in which profit makers are grabbing to make huge profits and luring the public and the public is also ready to empty the pockets.

I know small things change the whole life. Small events sometimes brings great happiness.

You dont need big events or big celebrations. Some times a small balloon in the air put a cute smile on the child's face and that gives great happiness to the parents. A nice dinner in the family together is far far great than big dinner at the hotels separately.

I feel that when you spend lot of money in the big events or celebrations and at the end you try to

rush your home with a feeling that now you are tired and need a sound sleep or rest. That place your home is then seems to be the most warm place.


2009 is going and 2010 is knocking at the door. It is good to welcome new year . We do not know what is happening in 2010. But we know what has happened in 2009. To feel good for good things happened in 2009 and learn from bad things happened in 2009, let us welcome 2010 in simpler way.


Some simple ways in my opinion are:-


1. Be happy


2. Bring smile to at least one needy child in last few days of the going 2009.


3. Its good to know the rights but at the same time remember the duties also.


4. Be honest to yourself and follow your heart.


5. Dont waste your time in meaningless events which are only organised for making profits .


6. Arrange nice home made dinner in your home for the whole family.


A celebration with parents, spouse and children is the best celebration in the world.


I hate those people who celebrate with their spouse ,children and friends outside and keep their old parents at home alone.


Celebrate as ONE family and see what 2010 has for you in its lap.......




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